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Netherlands Travel Guide will let you discover and explore what the country has to offer. The Netherlands, a beautiful country in northern Europe, is well known for its flat terrain, picturesque canals, winding mountain trails and beautiful tulips. Amsterdam, the cultural capital, is home to the world-famous Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum & the legendary home where Jewish writer Anne Frank hid for her memoirs. The canalside of Amsterdam is where Anne Frank wrote her famous letter, "The Letter of Truth." A trove of works by artists including Rembrandt and Vermeers are located in the city's historic "Green Park."

The Netherlands travel guide includes detailed information on getting around the country. You can take a train, a bus or rent a bicycle with the use of public transportation including trams, buses and bikes. Bicycles are widely available throughout the country and can be rented at various bike shops.

A Dutch tourist can enjoy his holiday in one of Amsterdam's city centers like Arles, Brinkmann, Holandem, deders and Maastricht. Some of these centers include Zeehelden, Sloten, Brediek and Maastricht. The most popular canals that you can get around on a bike in Amsterdam are the canal tours, which start from the center of the city. You can also go for bike tours through the canals in Eindhoven, Curacao andateslanden.

If you want to get up close and personal with nature, then you should head to some of the beautiful Netherlands coffee shops in Eindhoven, Zeeland and Zeehelden. The Netherlands is well-known for its variety of coffee shops and this is very evident in the country's largest city Amsterdam. There are many coffee shops around the central Amsterdam area. Here, you can experience a variety of different cultures, tastes and terrains.

Another good place to visit in the Netherlands is Amsterdam's Red Light District. It is Amsterdam's largest prostitution area. This famous place attracts thousands of people who come to Amsterdam for the sex industry and to see the red light district. This is a very exciting part of Amsterdam. However, it is not recommended for tourists as there are ongoing investigations regarding the legality of the business.

If you are planning to visit Utrecht, you should consider taking a Netherlands travel guide to this city. A good Utrecht travel guide will help you explore Utrecht, the beautiful Royal Castle, Royal Botanical Garden, and Museum Beurs. These tourist attractions are a great way to spend your days in Utrecht. Another attraction of Utrecht is the Anne Frank House. This historical site is one of the most haunted places in the world. If you want to experience a real gut-wrenching and shocking incident, then this is the perfect place for you.

If you have decided to spend your holiday in the Netherlands, it is best that you get yourself a travel insurance policy before traveling to these cities. The best thing about having a travel insurance is that you will be able to get medical assistance when you feel sick or injured. Moreover, you will also be covered if you meet with an accident in these cities. The cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht are very safe for tourists and this is why you should take a Netherlands travel guide and plan your holiday accordingly.

One of the things that a good Netherlands travel guide must contain is a list of places that you can visit while enjoying your stay in the Netherlands. There are many places that you can visit and most of these places are within driving distance from Amsterdam and Utrecht. These cities are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe because they offer travelers a chance to see the famous canals of Amsterdam and Utrecht. These two cities are also home to some of the most scenic canals in the world. It is therefore important to make sure that you get yourself an easy to navigate travel guide that includes a list of destinations in these two countries.

What vaccinations do I need?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Netherlands are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel?

Best time to visit?

The best time weather wise is from mid April to mid October. July and August are the peak months for visitors. The weather overall is never severely cold or hot as the temperatures are influenced by the North Sea (the Netherlands has a maritime climate). Most rain falls in the winter and it can feel damp and chilly.

Do I need a Visa?

If you hold a British Citizen passport, you don't need a visa to enter the Netherlands.

See which forms you may need for entry into Netherlands.

What currency do i need?

The official currency of Netherlands is the Euro (EUR). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Netherlands you can grab amazing Euro deals via (GBP to EUR).

What about the wildlife?

One animal that is commonly found in the Netherlands is the European minkEuropean Mink. The mink is a small mammal with short legs, a bushy tail and a long and slender body. Unfortunately the European Mink is considered an endangered species in Europe. As the third largest producer of mink fur, the Netherlands is helping in the fight to preserve the species by implementing a long range plan for the closure of mink farms.

What is the traditional food?

Dutch food? National Dish of Netherlands – Stamppot. Stamppot, also known as hutspot is a hearty dish made of mashed potato, vegetables and smoked sausages such as Dutch Rookworst, Spanish Chorizo or Polish Kielbasa. There are different versions of this dish depending on whether kale, sauerkraut or endives are used. Stamppot is traditionally made on October 3rd in the Dutch city of Leiden to celebrate its liberation from the Spanish.

What Languages are spoken?

Dutch, the official language, is spoken by around 90% of the population. Around 350,000 people, or 2.2% of the population, speak Frisian as their first language, mainly in the northern province of Friesland, where it is recognised as an official language. You can learn some basic Dutch before you travel to Netherlands and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip?

The currency in Netherlands is the Euro (In the Netherlands tipping is expected in restaurants for good or exceptional service, around 5-10% of the bill. If the service was average, you can round-up the bill or leave the change. Give your tip to the service person directly. Don't tip for bad service.).

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Useful Numbers

  • Police: 112
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 112
  • UK Embassy: +31 (0)70 4270 427

Time Difference

The GMT time difference is 1 hours

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