Africa Travel Guides

Africa Travel Guides

The following travel guides cover all of the countries within Africa from Algeria to Zimbabwe. Each guide provides detail around everything from travel advice through to local delicacies, currency, and so much more right down to travel apps to help you on your trip.

Algeria Travel Guide

Algeria may appear as a small country in the far North of Africa, but it holds a captivating charm that makes it one of the world's most sought-after destinations. Its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches have been luring tourists from across the globe for years.

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Angola Travel Guide

An Angolan city, Luong to Abailla is the second largest city in Angola and is considered to be the heart of Angola. It is also the country's commercial, administrative, and political center. The city has a wide range of tourist attractions and is well known for being the former headquarters of the National Anti-Agency and Security apparatus known as FARDC (FARDCao) and its counter agency, the KINU (KINUO). The city was one of the first cities in Angola to unite against the French during the French invasion of the nation. Today, it is one of the centers of unity in Angola.

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Benin Travel Guide

If you are planning a Benin travel guide, chances are, you have already been to this region several times before. This country has a lot to offer to travelers looking for a little relaxation and adventure. The best way to experience it is by taking advantage of the country's travel guide, which can be found online in several sources.

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Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana Travel Guide is it the best African destination? Botswana is a country in Southern Africa, lying in the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert, that forms a prominent tourist destination throughout the world. Botswana has an impressive landscape defined by the majestic Kalahari Desert and the beautiful Okavango Delta, that forms a lush vegetated landscape during the dry summer months. The largest Central Kalahari Game Reserve, home to a multitude of large herbivores, is also home to a number of threatened animals such as hyenas, cheetahs, lions and wild cats. The Okavango Delta is an inland body of water that drains into Lake Tanganyika and is also home to a variety of aquatic mammals and birds.

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Burkina Faso Travel Guide

A Burkina Faso travel guide is very essential for those who are interested in visiting this African country. The country is not only a popular destination for European tourists, but it also boasts of many attractions and tourist spots. When you visit the country, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the best time of your life with a lot of exciting things to do. But it is not only the attractions that attract visitors to this part of West Africa; this country has a lot to offer including a rich tradition of music and dance.

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Burundi Travel Guide

There is a Burundi Travel Guide so that you can get to know the true culture and way of life in this country. It is quite true that all the other African countries are blessed with natural beauty and attractions. But, Burundi has something special: A lot of protected areas, lakes, rivers, etc. Most of the tourists and travelers do not know much about these areas. It is very important for your travel plan to include Burundi Travel Guide when you visit this place. You need to be aware of everything there is to do in Burundi so that you enjoy your stay here without any problems.

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Cameroon Travel Guide

A Cameroon Travel Guide is your passport to a vibrant African destination. Cameroon, in the Northeastern part of Africa, is a leading Central African country of dynamic terrains and varied vegetation. Its coastal city, Yaounde, and its major urban centre, the seaports Douala and Port Louis, are major gateway points for eco-tourism destinations and beach resort destinations like Kribi, Mauritania, Cannes and Montego Bay. A Cameroon Travel Guide provides detailed information about the country's top tourist attractions, from the flora and fauna at the national parks, national museums, to the city's nightlife.

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Cape Verde Travel Guide

Cape Verde travel guide is a great way to explore this region. Cape Verde is an island nation and archipelago in the southern Atlantic Ocean, composed of ten small volcanic islands with a collective land mass of around 4,013 square kilometers. These islands have a very unique landscape, filled with mountains, beaches and crystal clear waters. The weather in these regions is very pleasant all year round. So you can enjoy your holidays even in the most unbearable climatic condition!

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Central African Republic Travel Guide

You will be able to find many things to do while enjoying your trip to the Central African Republic. There are many cultural activities to see and activities that can be enjoyed in a variety of different places. The country is full of adventure as well as entertainment. There is a Central African Republic travel guide that can help you find what you are looking for. It will help you see all the things to do in the area, and it will help you know what the best way is to get there.

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Chad Travel Guide

A Chad Travel Guide is essential for anyone planning a trip to this African country. Chad is an African country that is often overlooked when people plan holidays and travel to other countries. This country is unique in its rich wildlife and diverse landscape. This is what makes it interesting to visit and study. There are numerous Chad Travel guides available in the internet to help travelers plan their next holidays and explore this beautiful country. Some of the most interesting sites include the Zango Mountains, the Chad Dogma Wildlife Sanctuary, the Bambuhu River, and more.

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Comoros Travel Guide

The Comoro Islands is located at the tip of the Eastern Caribbean. It is one of the five ABC islands (American Caribbean Cruise Line). The largest of them is Aruba, which is known for its white sand beaches. The other islands are Antigua, Barbados, Bonaire, and Curacao. All the islands have good weather, good economy, and a rich cultural heritage.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo Travel Guide

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. This country is one of the most sought after travel destinations on the African continent. Many people visit this beautiful destination throughout the year. You can find many information and tourist guides that will provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip.

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Djibouti Travel Guide

A Djibouti travel guide will give you a great insight to the city's culture, history and markets. The Djibouti region of Africa is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world. The scenery here is spectacular, especially around Djibouti's seacoast. For tourists, visiting the area would be like sampling many different countries all at the same time. In fact, there are too many things to see and to do in Djibouti to ever run out of interesting destinations.

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Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt is definitely going to be among the most unforgettable trips that you have ever done. We can not deny the fact that Egypt is definitely one of the most important countries of the world; it is a great example of how a country can develop and grow. Not only that, but you also cannot deny the fact that Egypt is also one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world nowadays. So, knowing this kind of background will certainly help you prepare for your Egypt travel guide.

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Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

If you are planning a trip to African countries then it is advisable that you take the help of a Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide to guide you through. There are many tourists visiting Africa with many different reasons. Some want to enjoy the culture, some want to do safaris, some want to learn about the wildlife, and some want to travel on a tropical island. This country is located in the middle of Africa. The country is quite popular for its coral reefs, which are famous all over the world.

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Eritrea Travel Guide

If you are planning to visit Eritrea, you will find many things that you must not miss. This article contains information on travel tips for visiting Eritrea. If you want to visit the coastal areas and if you have a lot of time, you should consider the following destinations.

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Eswatini Travel Guide

Eswatini, the Swahili word for "beset" is a large tribe of San Tribe people who dwell in the Kalahari Desert in Northern Mozambique. They are known for their fierce resistance to foreign rule and have ruled over the region for centuries. The term "beset" actually descends from the word "kaffir", which describes a black skin. The San Tribe's most important cities of Kigali and Mombasa form the political backbone of the country's economy and were once home to the country's largest tribe, the Sanitationis. The Eswatini population, numbering around a million strong, lives mainly in the desert and are known for their cruel and ruthless behavior towards humans.

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Ethiopia Travel Guide

Ethiopia, situated between the great Rift Valley and the Mediterranean Sea, is a mountainous, landlocked country separated from neighbouring countries by the mighty Rift Valley. With archaeological finds dating back over 3 million years, it is a site of ancient culture with beautiful stone carvings. At Aksum, a magnificent old town on the banks of the river, tourists can seek ancient relics from a range of archaeological sites.

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Gabon Travel Guide

If you are planning to go for a safari in Africa then you should consider using an African safari guide. These guides are well versed with all the hot spots and can assist you in making the right decisions about where to go. They will also keep you safe by warning you about the lions that inhabit the park. A well-planned safari is the key to a great trip, and these guides are the most sensible option for your safari planning. The most important factor in your safari planning should be your guide's safari expertise.

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Ghana Travel Guide

Ghana is a multi-ethnic country in West Africa. It shares borders with the Ivory Coast to the west, Burkinabat in the northeast, and Togo in the northeast, also sharing some sea frontiers with Mauritania to the north and Zambia to the southwest. Ghanaian's are known for their hospitality and have made it a favorite destination for tourists. For travelers visiting West Africa, Ghana offers a plethora of attractions. There are beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, coral reefs, mountain peaks, deserts, coral reefs, and game reserves.

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Guinea Travel Guide

Whether you are traveling with family or friends or just looking for an exciting new destination, a Guinea Travel Guide will be able to point you in the right direction. Guinea is a sparsely populated country in West Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, east, and west. It is recognized for the majestic Mount Nimba National Park, in the southwest. The park is home to a vast forested range of wildlife and indigenous plants, such as the vivipara, chimpanzees, and macaque toad.

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Ivory Coast Travel Guide

Ivory Coast Travel Guide will take you on a journey through the heart of Africa. Situated in the western part of the nation, Ivory Coast boasts numerous attractions that can fascinate anyone. Tourists can enjoy waterfalls, lush forests, coral reefs and more all in the comfort of a well-appointed car. You can get the most out of your holiday while exploring all of these wonderful locations in this article.

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Kenya Travel Guide

Want to have an exotic trip to Kenya? The most recommended way to enjoy your travel to Kenya is through a great Kenya Travel Guide. A good travel guide can assist you through every step of your Kenya Safari, including determining your itinerary and making arrangements for the rest of your tour. When choosing your travel guide, make sure that it has clear instructions on accommodations, local culture and food, as well as a list of hotels and restaurants in all areas of Kenya. Your guide should also have knowledge of all destinations in Kenya, so that you can plan accordingly.

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Lesotho Travel Guide

A Lesotho Travel Guide will help you find the best ways to explore, enjoy life in one of the most famous destinations of southern Africa. Lesotho is a region in the Great Lakes that is bordered by the Indian Ocean. It is a popular tourist destination for those interested in the Great Lakes and its natural wonders. While there are a variety of places to visit in the region, one of the most popular and favored by many visitors are Lesotho. Here are some of the reasons why:

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Liberia Travel Guide

Liberia is a sovereign nation in West Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoir, and Ivory Coast. On the east coast, the largest city of Monrovia houses the Liberia National Museum, which has its own exhibits on history and national culture. In the mountains around Monrovia, are many beautiful beaches including Silver, CeCe and Robertsport. Along the coastline, scenic beach towns include Robertsport, and laid-back Bountiful, most famous for its surf. The city is also an important seaport destination.

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Libya Travel Guide

If you are planning a trip to any of the Arab countries in the Middle East such as Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, then you will most likely need a travel guide. Such guides provide information about the historical monuments, landscapes and cultures that are all part of these countries. This helps the tourists plan their trips accordingly. If you are not an expert in the field of travel, it may be a difficult task for you to find the right kind of guide.

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Madagascar Travel Guide

Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, is an extremely beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean, about 400km off the coastline of east Africa, across the Mozambique Channel. This beautiful island has a population of around 27 million. Madagascar is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The weather in Madagascar is generally mild all year round, although in April and May it can get very hot and humid.

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Malawi Travel Guide

Malawi Travel Guide will help you discover all that this lovely country has to offer. Malawi, a nation in eastern Africa, is officially defined by its flat topography: highlands separated by the Great Rift Valley. The eastern part of Malawi is home to the mighty Lake Malawi which supplies the country with water and other wildlife-supporting plants. The western half is desert and boasts of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and game reserves.

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Mali Travel Guide

Have you ever wanted to travel to the African nation of Mali? If you have, then there are several ways for you to get there. You can choose to fly to the country or spend a few days traveling around the country. Below are some suggestions for those who would like to travel to this African nation but do not have the luxury of time to spend in traveling around.

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Mauritania Travel Guide

Mauritania Travel Guide is the ultimate reference for all Mauritania travel and tourism enthusiasts. Mauritania is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with only around 4 million people inhabiting its environs. Mauritania is also one of the most diverse, with different cultures, traditions and languages. In addition, it also boasts some of the best beaches in the Indian Ocean and its coral reefs are considered one of the best in the world.

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Mauritius Travel Guide

Mauritius, an Indian Ocean archipelago, is well known for its stunningly beautiful beaches, verdant rivers and striking reefs. The hilly interior features white-washed mountains, lush rainforests, wildlife such as the agile flying fox and rainforests. Capital Port Louis also has tourist sites like the Champs de Mars, Eureka, Victorian railway station and 18th century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Gardens. Famous Mauritius attractions include the underwater world famous coral reefs and sea turtle nesting site at Mauritius, which is popular among marine biologists and is protected reserve.

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Mayotte Travel Guide

"How to find the Mayotte Sea." How often have you heard that sentence before? Most of us are aware of the beautiful beaches and coral reefs in places like Grand Cayman, Bonaire, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and other Caribbean islands where tourists love to spend their holiday. But what we don't know is how to find the Mayotte Sea and its hidden treasure. In this article, we will talk about the Mayotte Sea and its diving spots.

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Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco Travel Guide is very different than your typical travel guide. It takes into account all the necessary aspects of touring and allows you to avoid getting lost. This Morocco Travel Guide provides tips on what to see and how to get there.

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Mozambique Travel Guide

Mozambique Travel Guide is the perfect travel guide to this African country that offers a unique travel experience. Mozambique was once known for its copper mining industry, but now it is famous for wildlife tourism and its beautiful beach resorts. Mozambique Travel Guide provides a detailed overview of all the major attractions in Mozambique and the surrounding area. If you are planning to visit Mozambique, it is advisable to get a copy of this book before travelling there.

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Namibia Travel Guide

Namibia, a small country in south east Africa, is characterized by the Namib desert on its coastline. The country is home to varied natural wildlife, including an important cheetah population. The coastal city of Windhoek, capital of Namibia, and other coastal towns like Swakopolph include German colonial-style buildings like Windhoek's Christuskrithe, built in 1907. On the north, Etosha national park draws big game, including giraffes and rhinos. Below are some interesting places to visit in Namibia:

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Niger Travel Guide

NigerTravel Guide is the perfect travel companion as it provides information on places to visit and more. It covers most of the African continent. Niger Travel Guide includes information on history, culture, geography, flora and fauna, environment, etc. It is a complete travel guide in twelve volumes. It was first published in France in 1986 and was very popular.

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Nigeria Travel Guide

It is time to have a look at Nigeria Travel Guide. Nigeria, an African nation in the Gulf of Guinea, possesses numerous natural attractions and wildlife parks. Numerous protected areas like Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park contain thick rainforests, waterfalls, savanna and unique monkey habitats. One of the finest sites is Zuma Rock, which is pictured on the local currency. This extraordinary rock is a famous tourist site and a World Heritage Site. The next time you plan for a trip to Nigeria, make sure you check out this great site.

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Republic of the Congo Travel Guide

A Republic of the Congo travel guide can give you a lot of information about this country. Being one of the poorest countries in the world, you can expect to get very little information about the city life and other places of interest in the region. You might also end up spending a great deal on transportation if you are unfamiliar with the place. This is why a travel guide is a good idea.

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Rwanda Travel Guide

If you're planning a trip to East Africa, Rwanda will be one of your stops. Rwanda, formally the Republic of Rwanda, is an extremely beautiful landlocked nation in the Great Rift Valley, between the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Founded in Rwanda during the era of French colonialists, Rwanda enjoys one of the most stable democracies in East Africa. Rwanda is borders the countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It shares its border with many smaller countries.

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Senegal Travel Guide

A Senegen travel guide is one of the best resources for tourists who are planning a trip to West Africa. This is because this African country has a lot to offer. Here are some reasons why you should consider reading a Senegen travel guide.

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Seychelles Travel Guide

The Seychelles Travel Guide covers all the important aspects of your holidays to the archipelago. The first thing you'll find out is that there are more than half a dozen languages spoken in Seychelles and the majority of visitors speak English, French or Swahili. There are many beautiful beaches here and a lot of natural scenery. The waters and seascapes of Seychelles make it an ideal holiday destination if you enjoy diving, snorkeling, sailing or swimming. There's also a great deal of history and cultural heritage.

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Sierra Leone Travel Guide

Sierra Leone Travel Guide is filled with information on this delightful African nation. I've often heard from fellow travellers about how much they loved their time there. It's one of the few places in Africa with an amazing history. There are numerous attractions to visit such as the historical University of Sierra Leone, the National Museum, Old Fort Bradwell and much more. This is also the birth place of the future West African country of Ghana.

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Somalia Travel Guide

A Somalian travel guide is an essential resource for anyone who plans to visit this African nation. The country, officially called the Federal Republic of Somalia, has a long coastline on the Horn of Africa, bordering several other countries to its south, west, and northwest. It is also bordered by Ethiopia to its northwest, Djibouti to its northwest, the Gulf of Oman to the south, and Kenya in the southwest.

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Somaliland Travel Guide

A Somaliland travel guide will assist you find your way from one destination to another. It is a reliable source of information and a valuable aid to the tourist industry. Many Somaliland travel guides provide information about various tourist destinations as well as travel destinations within the country. This includes landmarks, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and much more. These include historic landmarks, beaches, national parks, glaciers, safaris, desert landscapes and much more. A good travel guide will take you through each of these in detail.

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South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa is indeed a beautiful place with many different ecosystems to explore. From lions in Masiphumelele to giraffes in The Kruger National Park, from wetlands and rivers to mountains and plateaus, South Africa has much to offer. Inland Safaris in particular is extremely popular, especially in regions like Kgalagadi and Orange Farm, where tourists can enjoy a wide range of activities. South Africa also offers beautiful beaches, craggy forests and lagoons around Cape Town and the Western Cape, populated by huge game species. The Western Cape, previously known as the Golden Coast, now lies between the Cape of Good Hope and Orange Farm, is home to some of the best surf breaks in the world, with surf schools likebreak providing the best surf for beginners.

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South Sudan Travel Guide

One of the most important requirements when entering South Sudan is a South Sudan travel permit. This allows you free passage across the country for up to one month. You will need to stay in Juba at least until you have the permit. However, this time will not be long enough to consume much of your time, so plan to spend a couple of hours each day visiting different places.

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Tanzania Travel Guide

If you are planning a safari trip to East Africa, the best place to begin your exploration is with a Tanzania Travel Guide. Tanzania, like many other African countries, offers a wide variety of wildlife and scenery. There are vast plains, deep forests and coastline to explore in Tanzania. A Tanzania Travel Guide is essential for anyone embarking on an East African safari.

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The Gambia Travel Guide

The Gambia Travel Guide takes you on a fascinating tour of this African nation. The Gambia is an extremely small West African nation, bordered by Senegal on its east, with a very short, even narrow, coastline. It is known for its varied landscapes across the historic, central Gambia River. Abundant wild life in its Bongao Wetland reserve and its surrounding environs includes monkeys, hyenas, hippos, lions and even rare birds. The capital, Banjul, offers easy access to beach-based activities, as well as traditional markets, craft workshops and dining.

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Togo Travel Guide

Togo Travel Guide is a great read with lots of interesting information about this coastal South African country. It's written by Africa Forum and is full of facts and figures that can make life much easier for anyone planning a trip to this African nation. The author tells us about all the historical sites, the beaches, the wildlife and of course the nightlife.

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Tunisia Travel Guide

Tunisia Travel Guide what can you do in Tunisia? It's a great place to visit and study the many influences of Moroccan culture and trade. This Italian colony has been shaped by history and still retains a sense of geographical and cultural distinction from other areas of Africa. Tunisia has beautiful beaches and resorts that have attracted thousands over the years. Many people visit Tunisia just to bask in the sunlight and enjoy the beaches, but the unique blend of local and foreign cultures that have blended into the unique landscape of Tunisia make it a popular destination for holiday makers to Tunisia and other areas in North Africa.

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Uganda Travel Guide

While most travelers come to Uganda for the famous mountain gorilla trek, the country actually has so much more to provide. Some individuals are still in the dark about Uganda being unsafe but do not worry. At this Uganda travel guide you will read what you need to know before traveling to Uganda. This article is not written by a travel consultant or an expert in the field; instead it's written for people just like you who want to experience the true beauty of Uganda without being afraid of the dangers.

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Western Sahara Travel Guide

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, or Western Sahara, then you will most likely need a Western Sahara Travel Guide. All you need to do is choose the kind of places you want to include (restaurant, museums, et cetera). After you are finished, you can either download your own Western Sahara travel guide for your phone or ipad or just print it out as a PDF. Now here comes the important part! What do you write in your own guide?

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Zambia Travel Guide

Zambia Travel Guide will help you explore and appreciate this astonishing African nation. Zambia is one of the last great places to turn for an exotic safari because it still has vast untapped resources within its vast geography. Zambia is a landlocked nation of varied geography and rugged terrain, with numerous national parks and other safari locations. On its eastern border with Zimbabwe Zambia borders Zimbabwe, which is famous for the annual "Mugafunda" festival, one of the world's largest participatory drum festivals.

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Zimbabwe Travel Guide

When planning your next African trip, it's a good idea to know what to pack as you head towards Zimbabwe. The country, one of the most politically stable in Africa, has stunning natural landscapes, amazing cities and abundant culture. In fact, it's been called "the forgotten continent" because it hasn't been that well known outside Europe and North America for years. If you've never been to Zimbabwe, you're in for an exciting and unforgettable experience!

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