Before you go

Are vaccinations required before travelling to Bhutan?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Bhutan are available from the NHS website

Is it safe to travel to Bhutan?

For up to date information around safety and security in Bhutan read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest information for Bhutan.

Best time to visit Bhutan?

October to December is the ideal time to visit Bhutanas the air is clear and fresh with sunny skies. January and February are colder, but from then until April the climate remains dry and pleasant and in late spring the famous rhododendrons bloom spectacularly.

Do I need a visa to enter Bhutan?

You will need a passport and visa to enter and exit Bhutan. Visas are only issued on arrival, but you must apply in advance through a tour operator and receive visa approval before you travel

What currency do i need in Bhutan?

The official currency of Bhutan is the Bhutanese ngultrum & Indian Rupee.

While visiting Bhutan

What wild animals live in Bhutan?

Well known and keytone wild animals of Bhutan are Asian Elephant, Tiger, Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bear, Black Necked Cranes, Himalayan Musk Deer, Asiatic Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Leopards and Gray Wolf. In addition, Bhutan is also home to the tiger, one-horned rhino, red panda and the Tibetan wolf.

What is the traditional food in Bhutan?

Ema Datshi is among the most famous dishes in Bhutanese cuisine, recognized as a national dish of Bhutan. It is made from chili peppers and cheese; "ema" means "chili" and "datshi" means "cheese" in the Dzongkha language of Bhutan.

What Languages are spoken in Bhutan?

Dzongkha, or Bhutanese, is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by over half a million people in Bhutan; it is the sole official and national language of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

How much do you tip in Bhutan?

The currency in Bhutan is the Bhutanese ngultrum & Indian Rupee. If you are trekking in Bhutan then other trek staff (such as horsemen/cooks) should be tipped around 8 USD per day for a short trek, for treks over 5 nights we recommend 5 USD per day.

Where can I find a local travel expert for Bhutan?

Local Bhutan travel experts are available.

Useful Numbers

Emergency Bhutan Numbers?

  • Police: 113
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 110
  • Embassy: +975 17 61 85 53

    Time Difference

    What is the time difference in Bhutan?

    The time difference is 6 hours

    Travel Apps

    What is the best travel app for Bhutan?

    Bhutan Guidebook

    Best Bhutan guidebook?

    Stay informed before during and after your trip to Bhutan with this Bhutan Guidebook .