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There is more to Greenland Travel than just picturesque scenery. Greenland is also an important region for international peace and security. This small Scandinavian country is home to some of Earth's most sensitive glaciers and is an international hotspot for civil unrest. The residents enjoy a diverse, multicultural society and a strong sense of community. If you are considering visiting Greenland, it is worth understanding the history and culture of this remote, wonderful country.

Greenland Travel Guide: A Greenland Tourist Guide to Remember! Greenland is easily the best place in the northern hemisphere to witness a natural phenomenon that has caught the imagination of dreamers, artists and scientists since ancient times: Global warming. Like the frozen continent's Alaska and Antarctica, Greenland's ice sheet is receding at an alarming rate. Greenland's surface area is approximately five times larger than that of Texas. The interior portion of Greenland is a mosaic of landscapes ranging from grasslands and forests to beaches and snow-capped mountains.

Greenland Travel Guide: Fun Facts to Make Your Trip Complete! Greenland's landscape is highly diverse and the weather conditions change with the seasons. For example, the summer is a cool, wet season but the winter is a harsh, cold climate with large glaciers covered in ice. If planning a trip to Greenland, knowing some important travel information can make your trip much more enjoyable and safe. Here are some fun facts about this beautiful, remote island:

Greenland Travel Guide: 8 Days to Enjoy a Greenland holiday! Greenland is a destination where one can see nature at it's greatest: viewing the ice sheet from the air or sailing in a traditional ship that has been carved from the land. Some of the destinations of interest in Greenland include Akrotiri, Narsipog Islands, South Greenland, and Easter Island. Each of these islands has something unique to offer its visitors.

Greenland Travel Guide: 8 Days to Enjoy a Greenland holiday! Greenland is a country filled with wildlife and scenery. Here, on foot, on horseback, or on a bicycle; a tourist can see wild boar, lions, glaciers, and wild birds. Some of the popular destinations of interest in Greenland include Akrotiri, Narsipog Islands, South Greenland, and Easter Island.

Greenland Travel Guide: 8 Days to Enjoy a Greenland holiday! The east coast of Greenland has a host of attractions. The west coast, however, offers a more picturesque view of this spectacular country. In Akrotiri, which is on the west coast, there is a freshwater river that is a must-see stop for travelers on a Greenland trip. South Greenland in the autumn offers a stunning view of the ice-coated icebergs.

Greenland Travel Guide: 8 Days to Enjoy a Greenland holiday! Travelers on a Greenland holiday will discover the rich landscape and abundant wildlife of this country's icy waters. Some of the most popular attractions on the island are the Franz Josef Glacier, thellersund Island, and the Fox glacier. Tourists also have the opportunity to participate in ice boat trips that take them out to view the icebergs off the coast of Greenland.

Greenland Travel Guide: 8 Days to Enjoy a Greenland holiday! Travelers on a Greenland trip will be able to enjoy many things to do while they are in the midst of this picturesque country. Some of the popular activities to participate in include horseback riding, hiking, water skiing, sailing, and photography. For those interested in more ice castle experiences, there are numerous opportunities for the adventurous tourist to go on a snowboarding trip. Those who would rather explore the land of green leaves may want to visiterie caves and icebergs on the west coast of Greenland.

What vaccinations do I need?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Greenland are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel?

Best time to visit?

The high season to visit is in summer from June to September. The most popular time to visit in winter is from February to late April. For the sake of simplicity, Greenland has two main tourist seasons. Summer in Greenland is the period when there is no thick layer of snow on the ground.

Do I need a Visa?

Greenland tourist visa is not required for citizens of United Kingdom for a stay up to 90 days

See which forms you may need for entry into Greenland.

What currency do i need?

The official currency of Greenland is the Danish Krone (DKK). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Greenland you can grab amazing Danish Krone deals via (GBP to DKK).

What about the wildlife?

Polar bears, humpback whales, musk oxen, walruses, reindeer and white-tailed eagles are just some of the many animals you can experience on land, at sea and in the air around Greenland.

What is the traditional food?

Danish food? Throughout thousands of years, seals have been the basic main ingredient in Inuit cooking, and the national dish of Greenland is Suaasat, which is a thick broth often made of seal meat (however, it can also be made of other types of meat).

What Languages are spoken?

The Greenlandic language is roughly divided into four dialects: South Greenlandic, West Greenlandic, East Greenlandic and the Thule dialect. West Greenlandic is the official language which all children learn in addition to Danish and English. You can learn some basic Danish before you travel to Greenland and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip?

The currency in Greenland is the Danish Krone (The people of greenland are very friendly and have a lot to offer. Since service is included in the price tipping isn't expected in most places. It is still highly appreciated when offered though!).

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Useful Numbers

  • Police: 112
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 112
  • UK Embassy: (+299) 559 999

Time Difference

The GMT time difference is -3 hours

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