Galapagos Islands Quick Guide

If you are planning for a Galapagos trip you will need a Galapagos Islands Travel Guide in order to make the most of your trip. There are many things that you can do on the islands such as bird watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, wind surfing, hiking, horseback riding, or fishing. The Galapagos Islands also provides spectacular scenery that is unique in the world. There are also activities that you can do year round such as living by the sea, visiting volcanic scenery, hiking along the shoreline, sightseeing, bird watching, or taking a cruise ship to the islands.

The most popular Galapagos Islands to visit are the Ecuador, Santa Cruz, and Guayaquil. The Galapagos Islands consists of three islands; Isabella Island, Floreana Island, and San Cristobal Island. All three of these islands are home to unique wildlife with plenty of plants and flowers as well. You can spend time seeing birds, insects, and even monkeys on these islands. In addition to all this, the Galapagos Islands provide some of the most incredible scenery anywhere in the world.

When visiting any of the Galapagos Islands you can stay at one of their villas or homes. There are plenty of beautiful resorts and hotels available where you can stay for a comfortable stay. If you like to travel around in a car then you will find that the roads are in very good condition. Most of these islands are protected and safe to visit, but there is always a small chance of danger from snakes, scorpions, and wild animals.

In your search for a great Galapagos Islands travel guide it is wise to look at a book that gives detailed information about each island. The island descriptions will give you enough information to know what to expect on each island. A good guidebook will also have plenty of images of the island wildlife. The best guides also provide you with information about the best times to visit and what to do in between.

As you research each island you will learn more about why the animals live on the island, what they eat, how they live, as well as what plants and trees they may grow. You will also see how much the animals breed and about reproduction and birth. You can see details of where to go on each island as well as what clothing you would need. Some of these guides will even tell you where to fish, how to hunt, and how to build a shelter.

It is possible to pay to go on an island so you can see the wildlife up close. However, the wildlife on these remote islands can often be dangerous, and you should take care when trying to handle any wildlife. You should never attempt to handle any of the wildlife and should carry plenty of medications with you. Many Galapagos Islands travel guides can tell you more about where the good wildlife is and which areas you may be able to view wildlife up close.

The Galapagos Islands has many different kinds of flowers and plants as well as animal species. Some of the plant life on these islands is endemic, which means it is specific to that species only. However, many of the flowers you will see are similar to those you find anywhere. You will see flowers, grasses, fruits, and bugs you've likely never seen before.

A good way to see all of the different vegetation is to go hiking on the island. Hikers can see the entire island through just their boots. In fact, some people hike parts for a romantic walk alone with the one they love. If you don't want to hike, there are many other activities you can do on the island such as bird watching and surfing. No matter what you want to do on the island, you should make sure you take a Galapagos Islands travel guide so you can see it all.

What vaccinations do I need?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Galapagos Islands are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel?

Best time to visit?

Seasons are split into cool and dry (June - November) and warm and wet (December - June), with the warmer seasonbeing the best time to visit Galápagos for warmer, calmer seas and good underwater visibility.

Do I need a Visa?

To enter Galapagos, the first official requirement is a valid Ecuadorian tourist visa stamp in your passport - this should have been issued to you upon arrival to mainland Ecuador.Similarlly, you don't need a visa for Galapagos Islands from UK, Germany, and most other European countries.

See which forms you may need for entry into Galapagos Islands.

What currency do i need?

The official currency of Galapagos Islands is the United States Dollar (USD). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Galapagos Islands you can grab amazing United States Dollar deals via (GBP to USD).

What about the wildlife?

Galápagos land iguana. Marine iguanas. Galápagos giant tortoise. Darwin's finches. Frigatebirds. Blue-footed boobies. Flightless cormorants. Sally Lightfoot crabs.

What is the traditional food?

Spanish food? The cuisine in the Galapagos Islands resembles that of many Central and South American coastal nations, particularly Ecuador. The dishes are simple, light and fresh, combining the elements of Ecuadorian highland dishes with meat, potatoes and grains, along with coastal ingredients like yucca, fish and seafood.

What Languages are spoken?

Spanish is the official language of Ecuador and the Galapagos, but English is spoken nearly everywhere. You can learn some basic Spanish before you travel to Galapagos Islands and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip?

The currency in Galapagos Islands is the United States Dollar (Tipping for good service is an accepted fact and the Galapagos Islands are no exception. The boats usually give guidelines to how much you should tip the guides and crew at the end of your cruise, but these are guidelines only, and on some boats in particular they may seem exceptionally high.).

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Useful Numbers

  • Police: 101
  • Ambulance: 131
  • Fire: 102
  • UK Embassy: +593 2 3972 200

Time Difference

The GMT time difference is -6 hours

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