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Namibia, a small country in south east Africa, is characterized by the Namib desert on its coastline. The country is home to varied natural wildlife, including an important cheetah population. The coastal city of Windhoek, capital of Namibia, and other coastal towns like Swakopolph include German colonial-style buildings like Windhoek's Christuskrithe, built in 1907. On the north, Etosha national park draws big game, including giraffes and rhinos. Below are some interesting places to visit in Namibia:

This is another beautiful destination in Namibia. It is considered as one of Namibia's most popular travel destinations. Windhoek offers a luxurious hotel option at the Shompole Golf Course, which features 18 holes of lush greens surrounded by the splendid scenery. Some of the enchanting travels in Namibia include a safari trip to Masai Mara, where you can get close to wild zebras.

This is another town in Namibia that is worth visiting. It is located in Hluhluwe. This city has a number of attractions to offer including the Hluhluwe Community Museum, with lots of artifacts from the old days of Dutch settlement, the Willemstad Art Gallery and the Entrepreneurship Museum. Windhoek is another enchanting destination in Namibia, which is worth exploring with a Namibian dollar.

This town has a lot to offer. It is famous for its rugby and gold the town also happens to have the oldest pubs in the world the Golden Bar and Restaurant. It is also the headquarters of Namibia's largest minerals producer, the Gold Reefers.

This is another important destination in Namibia. It is the capital of the regions of South-Korea and Namibia. It is also an important tourist destination for those who like shopping and the arts. This is a great place to visit for the shopping enthusiast as there are lots of antique shops and modern shopping malls.

This is a picturesque town in the north of Namibia. It is known as the 'Pearl of the East'. It is very popular among tourists who opt for a tour to the Northern region of Namibia. This is the main city in the region, where there are many important universities and institutions. It is also home to the Namibian dollar, the country's international currency.

This is a small town with Namibian heritage. It is also known as the "Green City". It is the capital of the autonomous territory of Namibia. It is also known for its cuisine. It is very popular among tourists who want to enjoy the scenic sights around the town. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site.

These are some of the places that you must visit when you decide to travel to Namibia. Namibia Travel Guide will help you determine the best time to visit these destinations. You will get useful information about the weather condition, currency exchange rates, car rentals and holiday packages offered by tour operators. It is your perfect guide to the best destination in the Namibia. Namibia Travel Guide can be found online at various websites dedicated to the tour and travel industry.

This destination country offers an ideal place for a safari. The most sought after attraction here is the Zimani Hills National Reserve. The reserve has amazing scenery and magnificent mountain peaks. It is also a good destination for nature lovers. Zimani is a division of the Namibian government and is responsible for preserving the natural environment of the destination country.

This destination offers a great option for visiting lions. It is known as the second most frequented destination in Namibia after the famous Zimani National Park. It is also home to thousands of wildebeests and includes migration routes and watering spots.

The coastal country of Namibia is also well-known for its game reserves. There are more than 35 known reserve areas in Namibia. These parks offer a different kind of wildlife activities like bird watching, hiking and other outdoor adventure sports. Namibia Travel Guide will help you in choosing the best game reserve in the region to visit and enjoy the trip.

Namibia Travel Guide will not just include the major tourist spots but it also provides information on the hot spots that you cannot afford to miss. Namibia Travel Guide will make your holidays very informative and entertaining. Namibia is all about relaxation and so you can spend your time in the cities and enjoy the natural beauty and scenery. Namibia Travel Guide also includes information about various Namibian restaurants and resorts where you can dine and get the best value for your money. Namibia Travel Guide will not only guide you about the places to see and places to go but also provide information about Namibia's travel easiness which makes it a perfect holiday destination for all types of travelers.

What vaccinations do I need?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Namibia are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel?

Best time to visit?

May to October. Namibia is a scenic country and can be visited throughout the year. The colors will be most vibrant during and after the Wetseason. October to February can be unpleasantly hot.

Do I need a Visa?

Although British nationals can enter Namibia for a holiday or private visit of up to 90 days without a visa, there have been cases where visitors have only been given permission to stay for periods much shorter than 90 days, sometimes as short as only 7 or 10 days.

See which forms you may need for entry into Namibia.

What currency do i need?

The official currency of Namibia is the South African Rand (ZAR). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Namibia you can grab amazing South African Rand deals via (GBP to ZAR).

What about the wildlife?

Among the many animals which you can see in Namibia are: lions, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamus, cheetas, black and white rhinos, wildebeest, hyenas, vultures, black backed jackals, ostriches, zebras, seals, dikdiks (a tiny antelope species), baboons, springboks, wild dogs, kudus and oryx (or oryxes).

What is the traditional food?

German food? "Meat and pap (a porridge)" is the unofficial Namibian national dish.

What Languages are spoken?

Among European languages spoken in Namibia are German, Portuguese, Spanish and French. You can learn some basic German before you travel to Namibia and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip?

The currency in Namibia is the South African Rand (Most travellers tip in cash, with the preferred currencies in Namibia being Namibian dollars or South African rand or, failing that, US dollars or even euros or GB pounds.).

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  • Police: 10111
  • Ambulance: City Dependent
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  • UK Embassy: +264 61 274 800

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The GMT time difference is 2 hours

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