Asia Travel Guides

Asia Travel Guides

The following travel guides cover all of the countries within Asia from Abkhazia to Vietnam. Each guide provides detail around everything from travel advice through to local delicacies, currency, and so much more right down to travel apps.

Abkhazia Travel Guide

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Afghanistan Travel Guide

Afghanistan is a vast landlocked nation in the foothills of the Asia at the crossroads of Central Asia and the Middle East. Afghanistan is an Islamic republic and has been under different foreign control for more than a thousand years.

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Armenia Travel Guide

Local knowledge makes a world of difference

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Bahrain Travel Guide

Bahrain is a small island nation in the Persian Gulf. It has a population of 1.4 million people, and a land area of just 765 square kilometers. Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy with a unicameral legislature. The ruler is a King, who is elected by the people, and serves a 5-year term. The prime minister is a member of the unicameral legislature, and is appointed by the King. The prime minister is usually the leader of the largest party in the legislature. The current prime minister is Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

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Bangladesh Travel Guide

Bangladesh Travel Guide gives an insight into the diverse culture and traditions of Bangladesh. The diverse geography of Bangladesh comprises of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, both of which have significant influences on the culture and society of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is largely an agricultural country, with most of the population being land-based. A Bangladesh Travel Guide provides the key information that one would need to plan a visit to Bangladesh.

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Bhutan Travel Guide

When planning your next Himalayan trek, it's a good idea to plan your trip in advance by using an accurate Bhutan travel guide. Not only will you be well informed about where to visit, but you'll also be prepared for any unexpected surprises along the way. Bhutan, a small Buddhist country on the foothills of the majestic Himalayan ranges, is best known for its picturesque landscapes, monasteries and spectacular mountain ranges. In the High Himalayas, spectacular peaks like 7,316m Jomolhari are highly popular trekking destinations.

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Borneo Travel Guide

If you are looking for Borneo Travel Guide, a good start would be to find out about the famous Borneo Tiger. The world's largest cat is native to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Borneo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The islands have long piqued the interest of many Hollywood movie makers owing to their picturesque features.

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Brunei Travel Guide

A Brunei travel guide will show you all there is to know about this small island-state off the east coast of Malaysia. Located between the east coast of Sumatra and the Pacific Ocean, Brunei boasts a population of less than ten thond people, making it the smallest country in the world by size. The majority of its residents are Muslims, although there are some Hindu and Christian minorities as well. One of its major attractions is the laid-back island lifestyle, which tourists can take advantage of with several shopping malls, a sky-themed sports stadium, and the popular Brunei Grand Hotel & Spa. For those interested in water sports, there are more than forty beaches in Brunei, many of which lie close to shore and offer excellent diving, snorkeling, or boating experiences.

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Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country whose landscape covers low-lying coastal plains, low-growing mountains, sea and Gulf of Thailand coast. Phnom Penh, capital of the country, is home to the famous art Deco Central Market, dazzling royal palace and the National Museum with its ancient and artistic exhibits. Further east are the once-hidden ruins of Angkor Wat, an enormous stone building built during the Khmer Dynasty. The coastal region of Cambodia is also a shopper's delight with traditional markets, outdoor eating spots and many restaurants serving a variety of local foods. Just north of Phnom Phen city is Trat's International Airport that offers services for international passengers.

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China Travel Guide

As avid travelers ourselves, know that making China travel arrangements needn't be uncomplicated. But with the myriad of choices, it's difficult to know just where to begin. It may seem like an overwhelming task, particularly if you've never experienced travelling to China before. There are, however, a few steps you can take to ensure you're able to make the most of your China holiday.

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East Timor Travel Guide

If you are planning to visit East Timor then getting the most accurate information is really important. You will find that a lot of information is available on the internet, but the information is not always correct. The information that you find may not be 100% accurate because it comes from the tourism authorities of East Timor, which is partly controlled by the Portuguese. So if you want a more accurate East Timor Travel Guide then you need to get the information from someone who is in the region.

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Hong Kong Travel Guide

If you are considering visiting Hong Kong, then you may be tempted to try the dim sum culture that is popular in the area. Unfortunately, while the dishes may be delicious, they are also very expensive. As a result, many visitors find themselves in Hong Kong with no where to go for lunch or dinner but dim sum. This article is meant to help guide you on your way to making a memorable experience in Hong Kong.

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India Travel Guide

Why am qualified to write this India Travel Guide? I was drawn to India at an early age from my parents. When finally made the move and began travelling in India from 2021 onwards, the person who became my best friend was enthralled with the variety, vibrancy and history of India. I spent over six years there, mostly alone, ever since then, because I like to explore and experience new places on a daily basis.

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Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia Travel Guide is a great guide for anyone who is planning on going to Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest country in South East Asia and is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In this article, I will provide you with information on where to go and what to do when you are there.

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Iran Travel Guide

Iran Travel Guide is a reference guide for tourists and foreign visitors about all the places in Iran. Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, and also known as Persia, is a country in Western Asia located between Central Asia and the Middle East. The country enjoys a strategic location that lies in the Middle East and has trade routes with the major world powers. Iran's economy is largely dependent on oil exports and the country is one of the biggest producer of oil in the world. Tourist influx to the country has increased in the past few years and tourism is one of the country's main sources of revenue.

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Iraq Travel Guide

Iraq is a complex country in Western Asia, bordered on all sides by Turkey to the south, Iran to the northwest, Iraq to the northeast, Kuwait to the northwest and Saudi Arabia to the southwest. The second largest city and capital city is Baghdad. Situated on the Tigris River, Iraq has a diverse landscape consisting of deserts, plains, mountains and villages. It is also home to Iraq's largest oil refinery and largest naval base.

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Japan Travel Guide

Going on a holiday in Japanis a dream come true for many people. Its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and tradition are just some of the many reasons why people from all over the world choose to visit Japan. If you want to visit Japan as soon as possible, I have good news for you getting a hold of the perfect Japan travel guide is now easier than ever before!

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Kazakhstan Travel Guide

Kazakhstan travel guide is a great help for those who plan to visit this beautiful country. It offers a complete list of all the necessary things that you need to have on your trip to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan tourism is increasing day by day. You will find everything here that you need to enjoy your trip. From the food to the accommodation and transport, everything is provided in this rich country.

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Kuwait Travel Guide

A Kuwait travel guide is necessary for anyone planning a visit to this oil-rich country. Kuwait is a republic that is still trying to sort itself out following the outbreak of the Arab Spring uprisings. With the new government coming in, stability may not be an option for Kuwait for quite some time. A Kuwait travel guide can help visitors decide where to go and how to do it.

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Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide

A visit to this spectacularly beautiful country of Central Asia will provide endless opportunities for adventure seekers, with everything from trekking and river rafting to skiing and surfing available. With its diverse landscape, rich culture, and lively people, it is little wonder that Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan has become one of the most popular destinations for visitors. However, if you are planning a trip to Bishkek, here are some helpful suggestions to make your stay more enjoyable.

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Laos Travel Guide

A Laos Travel Guide will show you how to get around the most important cities in Laos. It is also possible to take part in all the activities that make Laos a popular destination in Southeast Asia. Here's a brief overview of this fascinating country.

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Lebanon Travel Guide

A Lebanon Travel Guide will help you discover the treasures of this fascinating country. Lebanon is often described as an "icyclastic country" due to its numerous plateaus, which range between Cyrenaic to Phoenician, and the Bible is also continually referred to as the oldest copy in the world. A cityscape is highly recommended when planning a trip to Lebanon, as the country offers many interesting landscapes that will surly transform your travel experience. A brief look at some of the most popular landscape attributes of the country will be provided below.

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Malaysia Travel Guide

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, this is your lucky day. Malaysia is an exotic Southeast Asian country occupying important pieces of the Borneo island and parts of the Malay Peninsula. It is recognized for its tropical beaches, jungles, rainforests, and contrasting mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural influences. The small coastal city of Kuala Lumpur is home to busy commercial areas, like the famous, Chinatown, and architectural skyscrapers like the iconic, Potter Plaza. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, houses many monuments and buildings from the former days of British colonizers, like the Federation Square and the Central Business District.

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Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives Travel Guide provides an accurate account of this fascinating island nation which is located between India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean and is blessed with unique tropical weather all year round. Maldives is a sovereign country that is not associated with any international political organization. It is also known as the Small Isle of Heaven and is almost entirely covered with water approximately 90% of the island is land. The rest is made of tiny coral atolls.

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Mongolia Travel Guide

Mongolia Travel Guide offers a comprehensive tour of this Asian country. Mongolia, a country bordered by Russia and China, is well known for its wide open expanses, rugged mountains and ancient nomadic culture. The capital, Ulaanbaatar, centres around Chinggis Khokaan (Genghis Khan), also known as Genghis Khan's Square, which is named for the legendary leader of the Mongol Empire. Also in Ulaanbaatar is the National Museum of Mongolia, exhibiting archaeological and historical artifacts, as well as the restored 1830s Gandanteglen Monastery. The nomadic people of Mongolia are known to be some of the most welcoming and diverse people in the world, who can be seen in the many beautiful nomad hostels throughout Mongolia.

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Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar Travel Guide is an excellent starting point for a fascinating country visited by many people around the world. Newly liberated from Japanafter more than half a century of colonial rule, Myanmar is currently undergoing rapid economic and political changes under military rule. The current government has taken measures to improve basic education, reduce poverty and increase economic growth. A helpful Myanmar travel guide provides all the information you need to plan your visit.

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Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal Travel Guide is the perfect guide for anyone planning to trek to the Himalayas this year. This country has been the most desired destination by adventurers, both professional and amateur, for many years now. Nepal is the second-landlocked country in South Asia, lying in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan range. It shares its border with India on the west and east, and with China on the south and northwest. Trekking to the Himalayas is one of the best ways to experience the beauty and serenity of this extraordinary land.

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North Korea Travel Guide

A North Korea travel guide can be considered essential for anybody interested in visiting this country. In case you are travelling on a trip to South Korea or Japan, the first stop should be Seoul, the capital and largest city of South Korea. The best time to visit this beautiful city would be during the spring as it gets plenty of sunlight. Also, the Incheon International Airport is the biggest airport inches. Direct flights from most major cities of North America land here.

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Pakistan Travel Guide

Pakistan, formally the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is an exceedingly religious country in South Asia. It is arguably the world's fifth biggest country, with an estimated population of 225.2 million, and has the second largest Muslim population worldwide. Pakistan is also the ninth-most densely populated country by land, encompassing a territory the size of Utah or Rhode Island.

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Palestine Travel Guide

It's not easy being a Palestinian, you have to live and think like one. You may feel you need an independent travel guide to explain the complexities of the Middle East and provide a little guidance, but many people find it difficult to understand. The good news is that you don't have to be a knowledgeable traveler to know where to go and what to do. If you want to visit the West Bank or Judea and have no knowledge of how to get there, then you should get a knowledgeable tour operator who knows all the places of interest and can help you plan your trip. You will also get more knowledge about life in the West Bank and how to get to the Bethlehem area or Jerlem.

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Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines Travel Guide is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring this stunningly beautiful country. The Philippines is an island nation in Southeast Asia, formerly known as Spanish Philippines. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is grouped into about seven main islands, which are broadly classified into three basic geographical divisions: northern, eastern, and southern. Other names for the Philippines include the Philippines, Playa del Carmen, and Borneo.

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Qatar Travel Guide

Qatar Travel Guide is an excellent guide to all the things to do in Qatar. Qatar is an Arabic peninsular Arab state whose geography includes a long Persian (Persian) Gulf coastline and arid semi-desert sand desert. Also on this coast is Doha, the capital, which is recognized for its extravagant futuristic skyscrapers, modernized architecture and other ultramodern architectural designs inspired by early Islamic design. Doha's stadium, Al-Gabel, is one of the largest in the world. The mall carries the largest mall in Qatar and at a height more than seven hundred feet. The restaurant at the mall sells the largest variety of food in the Arab world, including exclusive Al-Joula kebabs, chicken liver, lamb, vegetarians and all other types of food that can be found only in Qatar.

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Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. Rich in natural and man-made resources, this country also boasts a vibrant cultural and ethnic diversity. Natural tourist attractions such as the rain forests, national parks, islands, wildlife sanctuaries & sanctuaries, coral reefs, the Sentosa island and its beaches are some of the major attractions here. But what exactly is there to do in Singapore?

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South Korea Travel Guide

If you are looking for a truly informative tour, South Korea Travel Guide is the way to go. This is because this country is an active participant in diplomatic relations with most of the other countries in the region. You can get some useful insights into their culture and way of life from the information offered in the Guide.

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Sri Lanka are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

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Syria Travel Guide

Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a historical country in Western Asia, bordered on two sides by Israel in the northern part, Hezbollah in the southern half, Iraq to its south, Iran to its north, and Lebanon in the middle. Its largest city and capital is Damascus. It is often referred to as the "World's Arab Capital" and has a very diverse population that includes many of the modern nations of the Middle East. Syria has a history that dates back to over three thond years. Much of what is known about the country comes from the heritage of the Hasmonean kingdom, which was located here before Israel was created.

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Taiwan Travel Guide

Taiwan is one of Southeast Asia's most popular travel destinations. It is the most populated region in all of Asia and has an estimated population of Taiwan's hundred-thond strong. In this regard, Taiwan travel guide is very important. Taiwan is a sovereign nation, ruled by the Republic of China. To the north, it shares maritime relations with the People's Republic of China, to the southwest, Japanto the southeast, and the Philippines on the far south.

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Tajikistan Travel Guide

Tajikistan is an incredibly diverse country in Central Asia surrounding by China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It is known for its rugged, thick mountains, famous for mountaineering and hiking. The Fann Mountains, also known as the Pamir Mountains, rise over 5,500 meters above sea level. The central region of Tajikistan has many prominent peaks including the Pamir peaks. The region covers the world famous Iskanderkulsky Nature Reserve, an unforgettable bird sanctuary.

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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide is a comprehensive tour package for Thailand consisting of hotels, resorts and destinations. Thailand is a Southeast Asian state bordering the Cambodia and Laos. It is renowned for its exotic beaches, opulent, ancient palaces, sandy monuments and extravagant temples displaying figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the busiest city, an ultramodern metropolis scene rises next to pristine canalside villages and the highly iconic royal temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho as well as the Golden Buddha Temple (Wat Kaeo). Further along the coastline there are sandy island resorts nestled amongst coconut palm trees and towering limestone cliffs.

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Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey is a country enveloping Central Asia and Europe in its southwest border. It shares eastern borders with Bulgaria and Greece to the west; the Black Sea to the east; and Georgia to the north. There are three provinces in Turkey: Antalya, Yalmenaut and Kilmarno.

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Turkmenistan Travel Guide

Turkmenistan is often referred to as a triangle country, because its three large neighbors Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan share many porous borders. Because of this, both northern and southern Turkey penetrate the country. Each country has an ethnic Turkish majority and an Islamic minority. Most importantly, all three have closed political systems, free market, and highly progressive environments.

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Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Have you been looking for a Uzbekistan travel guide before? Well, you have come to the right place. You can find all types of information and reviews, from the best tourist destinations to hot spots and activities in Uzbekistan. Below is your complete list of destinations, with brief descriptions of each destination.

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Vietnam Travel Guide

If you have never visited Vietnam before, then you might want to consider reading up on Vietnam Travel Guide before your trip. Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, in the Pacific Ocean near Hanoi's mouth. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation best known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, historic cities and vibrant metropolis, Hanoi. Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, gives tribute to its legendary, historical leader, Ho Chi Minh by a giant marble statue. Ho Chi Minh City (once known as Saigon) also has French colonial structures, plus Vietnamese War memorial museums and the famous C ủ Chi Tunnels, which were used by Vietnamese troops during the Vietnam War.

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