Where is Turkmenistan?

  1. Approximate Population of Turkmenistan: 5,942,089

Turkmenistan is often referred to as a triangle country, because its three large neighbors Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan share many porous borders. Because of this, both northern and southern Turkey penetrate the country. Each country has an ethnic Turkish majority and an Islamic minority. Most importantly, all three have closed political systems, free market, and highly progressive environments.

Turkmenistan is a mountainous country bordered on one side by the Caspian Sea. It is known for its archaeological sites, including those at Nissa, major archaeological stops along the old Silk Road, and Ashgabat, the capital city. Ashgabat is a modern center of industry and commerce and includes a spectacular manmade lake. There are many Turkmenistan travel guides that discuss visiting Ashgabat. Google maps provides a comprehensive route.

The city of Khoten is considered to be the best place in Turkmenistan to experience the true flavor of the local cuisine. The city is home to a carpet museum that features an array of local fabrics, including textiles made during the 19th century. The museum is not open to visitors, but the rich history and artwork inside are worth experiencing. Turkmenistan travel information about Khoten can be found in many traveling packages.

Dakhla is the second largest town in Turkmenistan, and it is located on the desert steppe near the south of Astana. Dakhla shares its borders with Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, and Iraq. It's a very arid desert and receives almost one million tourists each year. Tourists come to pay their respects to the desert animals, shop for carpets, and partake in all manner of activities on the sand dunes.

Ertogrulgazi is the third largest town in Turkmenistan and is known for its ancient ruins, including an ancient capital built by priests and warriors during thekhuryzmian era. The ruins were discovered in the 1950s and are open to tourist tours. A Turkmenistan travel visa is required for entry into the desert. Tourists who wish to see the desert and its many landmarks without a visa should consult the Department of Foreign Affairs and get a visa prior to visiting Turkmenistan.

On your Turkmenistan travel tour, you will have plenty to do and see, and any time you are planning to visit the desert for any reason, you will want to plan ahead. Visas and permits can be easy to acquire, and it is important that you have all necessary documents up-to-date before leaving for Turkmenistan. In particular, you will need to ensure that you have a passport and visa before leaving for your trip, and that you pass through a border crossing between Turkey and Turkmenistan. While you are planning your itinerary, you may wish to consider taking advantage of special holiday packages offered by Turkmenistan Airlines. Some packages include airfare, accommodation, and sightseeing, so if you are planning to visit the desert on your own, this is often the best way to save some money.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkmenistan is the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea starts in the north near the Black Sea and flows southward into the sea. A large part of Turkmenistan is in close proximity to the Caspian Sea, so if you are traveling to the country, it would make sense to include trips to the Caspian Sea in your itinerary. Of course, there are many other tourist destinations in Turkmenistan, including the capital Ashgabat and the larger cities of Minsk, Zhanaozen and Popoyan.

Turkmenistan Travel Guide provides a complete list of all the sights and activities available to tourists in Turkmenistan. There is plenty to do in Ashgabat including visiting the archaeological site of Khunakhojaya as well as the beautiful bazaar. You can shop in the bazaars, enjoy sporting events, or tour the museums in Ashgabat. The capital is also home to several other tourist attractions, including the Republic Square, Orta-Darya Museum, Andrushtishoy Museum, Tvetov Palace, and the Baisakhi Cathedral.

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Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat has an approximate population of around 1,031,992 people and you can typically expect to pay around £3.10p for an equivalent pint of lager or beer.

Ashgabat is the ancient capital and the biggest city of the Turkmenistan. The city was built around a bay called the "Gvardiyu" which flows into the Caspian Sea. Ashgabat holds the world's oldest universities, the universities of Astana andbekot in Turkmenistan and the National University of Turkmenistan. All the architectural wonders in Turkmenistan are mainly made by the local inhabitants themselves with the help of their expertise and their skills.

Ashgabat has preserved its historical roots and has kept its ancient traditions despite of the changes in the country's culture and government structure. The capital has been surrounded by a ring of forbidding hills around it. The landscape of Ashgabat is very attractive and many tourists especially those from western parts of the world visit this place to see the spectacular scenery and the ancient tradition it still upholds. In fact, even though most of the historic sites in Turkmenistan have already been destroyed, there are still some who survive such as the "Svetitsky monastery", the "Nazarbayev castle", the "Khrushchevo Zakonu castle" and the "Zhundashy Mosque".

Ashgabat's fortress is also a must visit place. It has the maximum number of iron bars as well as cannons. Some of the most famous names of Ashgabat include Dashnagir and Ovsy, both of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All these things make Ashgabat one of the most visited places and tourists from various parts of the world come here on a vacation. Some of the popular sights that you would definitely love to see during your visit to Ashgabat are the ancient village of Shtokholi, the National Museum and the theatre of Nissa.

What vaccinations do I need before travelling to Turkmenistan

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Turkmenistan are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel to Turkmenistan?

For up to date information around safety and security in Turkmenistan read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest information for Turkmenistan.

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Best time to visit?

The best time to visit Turkmenistan is between the months of March to June and then again from September to November. Winter months can be extremely cold and by contrast, July and August are extremely hot, particularly in the desert regions.

Festivals in Turkmenistan

The country celebrates its Constitution and State Flag Day on May 18. This holiday, which had previously been separate, was combined with the State Flag Day in 2017. The day starts with a flower-laying ceremony in Ashgabat, then a delegation heads to the main square to raise the state flag from a 133-meter-high flagpole. The festival also features concerts and theatrical performances. There is a lot of culture and art on display in Turkmenistan.

The country celebrates Melon Day on April 29. The festival is one of 24 public holidays in Turkmenistan. Other famous holidays include Magtymguly Pyragy Day and the Festival of the Poetry of Magtymguli. A day dedicated to melon is also celebrated in Turkmenistan. Originally started by a former president, the event has become one of the most popular Turkmenistan Festivals.

Besides melon day, the country celebrates Independence Day on May 19. The nation's leader, Abdullah Ghani, inspires people's devotion to melon. A national military parade and concert by popular singers are also held on this day. In addition to these, there are various ethnographic and theatrical performances and exhibitions. The country also celebrates the beginning of spring, which is traditionally associated with summer.

The most important festival in Turkmenistan is Independence Day. It is the largest national holiday in Turkmenistan. The celebration includes various cultural events such as a military parade, a demonstration, musical performances by popular artists, and other events. Moreover, the country celebrates a variety of fruit and vegetable products and melon day on the last Sunday of September. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of December.

Apart from the national holidays, the Turkmen people also celebrate religious holidays. The country's Independence Day is the most important holiday and combines all national festive events. The celebrations include a military parade, a national music festival, concerts by popular singers, and a number of exhibitions. The celebration also includes a big toy made of flour. It is also a very important religious holiday. The government of Turkmenistan celebrates the Independence Day with festivities, feasts, and concerts.

The country celebrates the Novruz festival, which is the national spring festival. It is celebrated on March 21 and 22. The festival is usually held in the suburbs of Ashgabat and in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. The festivities are typically huge, with horse breeding, farming, and carpet-weaving all being popular in Turkmenistan. The Novruz celebrations are very lively and colorful, and involve the whole town.

In addition to the New Year's Day, there are also other festivals that take place in Turkmenistan. Traditionally, the country celebrates its New Year on March 21, but since Soviet times, it celebrates the holiday on January 1. The country's capital Ashgabat sparkles with festive decorations and seasonal carnivals. Some of the most jubilant festivals in Turkmenistan take place during the new year.

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Turkmenistan Tourist Attractions

Turkey's neighbor to the north, Turkmenistan, borders the Caspian Sea and is covered mostly by the Karakum desert. The country is well known for its archaeological ruins and is a stop on the Silk Road. The country's capital, Ashgabat, is rebuilt in the Soviet style in the mid-20th century and is full of monuments to former president Saparmurat Niyazov.

UNESCO has recognized three of the nation's historical and cultural sites as World Heritages. The country also has eight more cultural sites on its tentative list. There are many ancient civilizations and fossils to be found at some of the archaeological sites, including the Parthian Fortress in Nisa and dinosaur fossils at Koytendag. A visit to the Merv archaeological site reminds visitors of the country's historic significance as a trading post along the ancient Silk Road.

The ancient city of Merv, which lies 30 kilometers west of Mary, is a world heritage site. This city, which witnessed the economic prosperity of the ancient Silk Road, was first documented in the eighth to sixth centuries BCE. By the 12th century, the city had grown to rival major Islamic centers and had a lasting impact on the history of the region. A visit to the parthian fortresses at Nisa will help visitors appreciate the ancient civilization and the role of Turkmenistan in the world.

Do I need a Visa?

British nationals need a visa to enter Turkmenistan. You will need a letter of invitation (LOI), certified by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan, from a private individual or company to support your application.

See which forms you may need for entry into Turkmenistan.

What currency do i need for Turkmenistan?

The official currency of Turkmenistan is the Turkmenistan Manat (TMT). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Turkmenistan you can grab amazing Turkmenistan Manat deals via Wise.com (GBP to TMT).

What wildlife live in Turkmenistan?

Turkmenistan has a range of habitats and these support a wide range of animal life. There are 91 species of mammal recorded in the country, some of which are threatened. There are bats in the caves, leopards, bears, mountain sheep, wild ass and goitered gazelles in the mountains, and seals in the Caspian Sea.

What is the traditional food of Turkmenistan?

Turkmen food? Rice pilaf (plov, or palaw) is a core dish in Turkmen cuisine, as it is in all of Central Asia. Dograma, a meat and bread stew, is sometimes considered the national dish.

What Languages are spoken in Turkmenistan?

Turkmen is the official language of Turkmenistan (per the 1992 Constitution), although Russian still is widely spoken in cities as a "language of inter-ethnic communication". You can learn some basic Turkmen before you travel to Turkmenistan and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip in Turkmenistan?

The currency in Turkmenistan is the Turkmenistan Manat (97% of the people in the Turkmenistan average tipping percentage in restaurants is between 8% to 17%. The actual tipping percentage is determind according to the level of service given in the restaurant and the tipping percentage can go above 8% if service was suberb or go under 17% if the service was bad).).

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