Before you go

Are vaccinations required before travelling to Malawi?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Malawi are available from the NHS website

Is it safe to travel to Malawi?

For up to date information around safety and security in Malawi read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest information for Malawi.

Best time to visit Malawi?

Malawi has a hot summer rainfall season from November to April so the best time to visit is during the drier winter months - early May to late October. Winter gets chilly high up on the northern Nyika Plateau but down on the shore of Lake Malawi you can expect warm, sunny and dry days.

Do I need a visa to enter Malawi?

You need a visa to enter Malawi as a visitor. If you can't get a visa before travel, you can get a visa on arrival at any port of entry.

What currency do i need in Malawi?

The official currency of Malawi is the Malawian kwacha.

While visiting Malawi

What wild animals live in Malawi?

Elephants, hippos, antelope species and bird life. Kasungu National Park is also home to elephants, as is Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, where you'll also meet several antelope species, buffaloes and if you're lucky, leopards.

What is the traditional food in Malawi?

Nsima is the staple carbohydrate dish of Malawi. It is a thick starchy porridge made from corn, cassava or other starchy flour.

What Languages are spoken in Malawi?

Apart from the two, other languages spoken in Malawi are Chinyanja Yao, Chiyao, Tonga, Chitumbuka, Nkhonde, Tumbuka, Lomwe, Lambya, Nyiha, Ndali, Kacchi, Kokola, Zulu, and Afrikaans. English as the official languages is used by many as a second language.

How much do you tip in Malawi?

The currency in Malawi is the Malawian kwacha. It is common to tip in cash, with the preferred currency in Malawi being US dollars, South African rand, or even euros or GB pounds, as these can easily be exchanged.

Where can I find a local travel expert for Malawi?

Local Malawi travel experts are available.

Useful Numbers

Emergency Malawi Numbers?

  • Police: 997
  • Ambulance: 998
  • Fire: 999
  • Embassy: +265 1 772 400

    Time Difference

    What is the time difference in Malawi?

    The time difference is 2 hours

    Travel Apps

    What is the best travel app for Malawi?

    Malawi Guidebook

    Best Malawi guidebook?

    Stay informed before during and after your trip to Malawi with this Malawi Guidebook .