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A Chad Travel Guide is essential for anyone planning a trip to this African country. Chad is an African country that is often overlooked when people plan holidays and travel to other countries. This country is unique in its rich wildlife and diverse landscape. This is what makes it interesting to visit and study. There are numerous Chad Travel guides available in the internet to help travelers plan their next holidays and explore this beautiful country. Some of the most interesting sites include the Zango Mountains, the Chad Dogma Wildlife Sanctuary, the Bambuhu River, and more.

Chad, formally known as the Republic of Chad, is an extremely landlocked country in north central Africa. It borders several countries to its north, including Morocco on the western side, Mauritania to the north east, and Algeria to the east. The country is very popular for its richly diverse landscape. It has an amazing mountain range and desert landscape in its north and west, as well as mountainous terrain in its south west, the Atlas Mountains and the foothills of the Islam Beaches.

A Chad Travel Guide will show you how beautiful this country is. You can plan your trip to experience the land and it's many attractions right from the comfort of your own home. A travel guide will give you all the information you need to know to make the most out of your trip.

If you are travelling to this country for the first time, a guide will be of great help to you. You will learn about the history and culture of the country, as well as the best way to spend your time while in country. In addition, a travel guide can help you plan your activities once you are in the country. They will also help you plan your day-to-day activities, including which hotels to stay in, which sights to visit, where to eat, and where to go out to enjoy yourself. Many guides provide personalised services that include hotel reservations and sightseeing.

Many people choose to spend their holidays in Chad. This country has a large number of local attractions. One of the most popular ones is the Chad Caves. These caves are located just near the city of M'Hamid. These caves are beautifully carved with exquisite carvings and these can be seen by visitors to this country.

M'Hamid is also home to other ancient sites. The city is known for being the oldest continuously operating city in the world. It is a favorite tourist destination among people from all over the world. There are many historical sites such as the Chad Caves, as well as the Chad Museum. In addition, modern sites such as the Chad Airways (DC flies from Tamanrasset to M'Hambi airport) and Chad Universal Airport are a great way to experience this incredible country.

When visiting the country, you should be prepared to do some hiking. Hiking is one of the activities people from all over the world enjoy. You will find that this is a challenging sport to some but an exciting one to others. In fact, when you are on a trek in the outdoors, there is little time for anything else except to enjoy the view. This is why it's important to make sure you have the right boots for the trek.

In your quest to see the country, you should keep in mind that the best time to visit is between May and October. However, during the summer season, this country is crowded. So you should plan to visit during off peak seasons. Also, don't expect to find much to do indoors. Most visitors to this country prefer to do a little bit of shopping. It's one of the things that will make their trip worthwhile.

What vaccinations do I need?

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Chad are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel?

Best time to visit?

The dry months from Oct/Nov to March are the best time to visit Chad – the rains may liven up the arid landscape but they wreak havoc with the largely unpaved roads and travelling north is virtually impossible. The rains are shorter in the Sahel northwards – lasting roughly Jun-Sep.

Do I need a Visa?

British nationals need a visa to visit Chad.

See which forms you may need for entry into Chad.

What currency do i need?

The official currency of Chad is the Central African Cfa Franc (XAF). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Chad you can grab amazing Central African Cfa Franc deals via (GBP to XAF).

What about the wildlife?

The tall grasses and the extensive marshes of the savanna zone have an abundant wildlife. There large mammals—such as elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, warthogs, giraffes, antelopes, lions, leopards, and cheetahs—coexist with a wide assortment of birds and reptiles.

What is the traditional food?

Arabic food? The national dish of Chad is Peanut and Squash Stew. The use of ground nuts and squash in stews is a recurring theme in the culinary traditions of Chad.

What Languages are spoken?

Chad has two official languages, French and Modern Standard Arabic, and over 120 indigenous languages. A vernacular version of Arabic, Chadian Arabic, is a lingua franca and the language of commerce, spoken by 40-60% of the population. You can learn some basic Arabic before you travel to Chad and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip?

The currency in Chad is the Central African Cfa Franc (Small tips for good service are appreciated in Chad. Service charges are not usually included in restaurants and tips of about 10% for waiters are acceptable.).

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Useful Numbers

  • Police: 17
  • Ambulance: 2251-4242
  • Fire: 18
  • UK Embassy: +237 222 22 07 96

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The GMT time difference is 0 hours

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