Where is Jersey?

  1. Approximate Population of Jersey: 107,800

What to do in Jersey Shore! Jersey Travel Guide is your one-stop destination for all your Jersey Shore holiday plans. From Jersey City, Manhattan and nearby Atlantic City, here you'll see why Jersey is known as America's Most Popular Island. Jersey Shore holiday Packages offers many things to do from sunbathing and snorkeling to eating out, playing golf and playing tennis. There are even packages that include boat charters, fishing and winery tours, among others.

Jersey is the largest of all the Channel Islands, bordering France and England. A semi autonomistic self-governing dependent of the UK, it is best known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs, serene rolling hills and spectacular castles. The Jersey War Memorial Complex, historic underground tunnel complex, accounts for the island's five-year German invasion of WWII. The Jersey Shore, with its many historic castles, old streets and narrow streets, is truly a treasure trove for any history buff. Google Maps offers an aerial view of Jersey Shore.

When planning your Jersey Shore holiday, consider the many museums, parks and monuments that make Jersey Shore a must-see community. Jersey Shore is also known as a hot spot for musicians because of "The Jersey Shore Music Factory," an audiovisual haven that houses more than 200 live bands and DJs. In addition to museums, the Jersey Shore has many outdoor activities. Hobbies enthusiasts will love taking part in the many boating, cycling and hiking tours. You can even go deep sea fishing on a state-of-the-art fishing vessel.

Jersey Shore boasts some fantastic shopping experiences. Out in Metuche, you'll find high-end boutiques and fashionable downtown shops. In Atlantic City, shoppers will find designer boutiques, specialty stores and restaurants. If you love souvenirs, the Golden Gate Shopping Center in Atlantic City will give you great finds. And don't forget to check out the Jersey Shore Convention Center in Jersey City, which hosts over 100 events each year. This is the venue where President Barack Obama announced his presidential bid.

To complete your Jersey Shore itinerary, you need to make sure to plan all of your meals. This is where your Jersey travel guide really comes in handy. You will find great restaurants, cafes, take-out joints, delis and even pizza joints that will satisfy any gastronomic cravings you may have. You will also find great grab-and-go locations and places to eat at restaurants, bars and nightclubs throughout Jersey. These are some of the best stops on your Jersey Shore holiday.

Your Jersey travel guide will show you the best of Atlantic City, which is known as America's newest Vegas. This destination offers visitors tons of nightclubs and even live entertainment. The shopping and dining opportunities in Atlantic City can't be beat. The New York State Thoroughfare is lined with world-class retailers.

For a more cultural experience, stop by the St. George Ferry Station in Jersey City, which offers great views of the Atlantic Ocean and Ellis Island. You'll also get to see the sights from the train station itself. Your Jersey travel guide will tell you that this is a great place to visit. When you're done checking out the Ferry St., you should head back to Atlantic City.

After visiting Atlantic City and being to see the aforementioned landmarks, you may want to stay a little bit longer in New York City. The Broadway district is where you want to be. There is even a real New York Stock Exchange in addition to numerous shopping and nightlife opportunities. Your Jersey travel guide will show you the best hotels in the area, and the proximity to all the action. Make sure that you take advantage of all the cultural experiences New York City has to offer.

Hotels in Saint Helier

Saint Helier is the capital of Jersey

Saint Helier has an approximate population of around 37,540 people and you can typically expect to pay around £6.00p for an equivalent pint of lager or beer.

As the only island within the state of Jersey, about half of its population lives on the Isle of Helier. It is one of the most picturesque places to live, as it boasts a picturesque promenade, picturesque gardens and beautiful beaches. In addition to the fantastic scenery, there are many fun activities that you can do in the area including boating, sailing, fishing and golfing. There are also some of the best public parks in Jersey City and Manhattan that will give you an afternoon worth celebrating.

Although there are many interesting things to do in the area, you will need to be aware of the very important thing to do - that is to buy or invest in real estate. There are many interesting properties out there in Jersey City and Manhattan, including residential, commercial and rental properties. In fact, you may be surprised at the value that you can expect to receive for an investment in real estate in Jersey City or Manhattan. Even though the housing market is slow at the moment, it is anticipated that real estate prices will pick up in the near future, so now is a good time to get in before the prices go down.

In addition to Jersey City real estate, there are many other types of real estate to consider such as commercial property in Jersey City or Manhattan and residential properties in Jersey City or Manhattan. There are also plenty of excellent jobs available in Jersey City and Manhattan, so if you want to buy or invest in real estate there is no reason why you shouldn't. You can find listings of properties for sale or for rent by the owners online at various websites that specialize in such services. Just remember that in general, the higher the price you pay for real estate, the more valuable it will be in the future. In Jersey City, the homes for sale generally sell for under market value, so now is definitely the time to act.

What vaccinations do I need before travelling to Jersey

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Jersey are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel to Jersey?

For up to date information around safety and security in Jersey read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest information for Jersey.

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Best time to visit?

The best time to visit Jersey is from june until october, when you will have a soft or pleasant temperature and limited rainfall. The highest average temperature in Jersey is 18°C in july and the lowest is 9°C in january. The average climate figure for Jersey is an 6,7.

Festivals in Jersey

Festivals in Jersey are a great way to celebrate the local culture. Many of these events include live music, food, and art, and are a great excuse to get out of the house. You can find a variety of festivals in North Jersey, too. One popular festival is the Lincoln Park Music Fest, which features live music and a variety of styles such as hip hop, gospel, and house. The festival is held each year in the summer, and is open to the public for free.

During the Spring, you can visit the annual Hopewell Harvest Fair. This event celebrates Jersey's agricultural heritage and has several food vendors. It also features a moonlight parade and fireworks, and is held in the autumn. The festival is a great time to visit the county, as it includes crafts, local food, and a wide variety of local nonprofit organizations. You can find a variety of activities at Jersey's many festivals, as well as many other events and activities.

For music fans, the Jersey Festival is an excellent option. The three-day event takes place in the Powerhouse Arts District in Jersey City. It will feature 8 bands, food trucks, libations, and a VIP experience. For art lovers, the South-Jersey Wine & Food Festival is held at Lake Lennape Park East. The Jersey Street Art and Studio Tour is also a great way to experience the city's diverse art scene.

The Jersey Independent Table Fest is an excellent opportunity to taste the cuisine of over fifty local restaurants. It will take place from 27th September through the end of November and will feature performances by musicians such as Gramatik, the aforementioned renowned jazz guitarist. The festival is free to attend and will feature an array of food trucks and craft vendors. The festival is a fantastic way to get out and see the city in a new light.

The South Jersey Pumpkin Show is a popular event for foodies. This event showcases the fruits and vegetables of the island. Visitors can also enjoy the local arts scene. The South Jersey Pumpkin Show is a popular fall festival that features food and live entertainment. The Salem County Fairgrounds is a great place to enjoy a fall-themed festival. And in October, the South Jersey Apple Fest is held. The two events are great times to visit the islands and experience the Jersey culture.

The St. Ann's Flower Festival will feature hand-flowered floats and live music. The festival runs for two days and culminates in fireworks and a Moonlight Parade. The flower festival is a major event in Jersey, and communities from all over the island spend months designing their floats to represent a particular theme. There are many other festivals in Jersey to enjoy, so take your time and find the right one for you.

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Do I need a Visa?

As long as you're legally in the UK and will be travelling according to your immigration permissions, you won't need a separate visa to travel to Jersey. As there aren't any immigration controls between Jersey and the UK, you don't need to see an immigration officer when you arrive in Jersey.

See which forms you may need for entry into Jersey.

What currency do i need for Jersey?

The official currency of Jersey is the Pound Sterling (GBP). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Jersey you can grab amazing Pound Sterling deals via (GBP to GBP).

What wildlife live in Jersey?

The north coast is bold and harsh, gorse and legumes inhabit these craggy rock faces and make it the perfect home for insects and burrowing animals such as rabbits and moles. In a drastic change, the west coast features sand dunes, stuffed with marram grass which plays an important role in the life of green lizards, grass snakes and wood mice. The Green Lizards are especially eye-catching if you can find one in the long grass.

What is the traditional food of Jersey?

French food? Bean Crock (les pais au fou) has become the traditional dish of Jersey. It makes a filling but very tasty meal, and there are as many recipes as there are cooks - but they're all based on a mixture of dried beans and pork - preferably on the bone.

What Languages are spoken in Jersey?

The Bailiwick of Jersey, a crown dependency in the Channel Islands, off the French coast of Normandy, has two official languages: English and French. You can learn some basic French before you travel to Jersey and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip in Jersey?

The currency in Jersey is the Pound Sterling (According to a CNN Money report, your waiter should be tipped 15% for "adequate service" and 20% for "very good service." But even if you think your waiter was crummy, you still need to pony up at least 10% for "poor service.").

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