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Where is Northern Mariana Islands?

  1. Approximate Population of Northern Mariana Islands: 57,216

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Saipan is the capital of Northern Mariana Islands

Saipan has an approximate population of around 47,565 people and you can typically expect to pay around £2.00p for an equivalent pint of lager or beer.

Before venturing into the beautiful island of Saipan in Northern Samar Philippines, it would be useful to learn a bit about this lovely paradise island. Saipan, sometimes spelled as Sa-paan, is the largest of all the Northern Mariana Islands. It is characterized by long sandy beaches and rocky landscapes, and even has a few championship golf courses. Its highest peak is 1, 555-foot. In fact, its highest paved area is a ski slope. Further down, there are lovely beaches, some with waterfalls, and a small town.

Saipan was originally a Japanese protectorate and now is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It is known for its diving and fishing. Aside from diving and fishing, Saipan hosts a world-class event, the Senior Open Golf Tournament, an equestrian show, the Sea Lion Splash Show, and the Annual Butterfly Festival. The island is also known for its long history. In fact, historians say that the island was discovered by humans as early as 1490, making it one of the oldest inhabited islands in the world.

The weather of Saipan is quite unpredictable, with some months having cool and other months much warmer. It can be quite humid in the summer. The average temperatures is around seventy-five degrees year-round. The rainy season on Saipan lasts only for a short time, which is not surprising considering the relatively small size of the island. The island enjoys great weather during the winter months.

What vaccinations do I need before travelling to Northern Mariana Islands

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Northern Mariana Islands are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel to Northern Mariana Islands?

For up to date information around safety and security in Northern Mariana Islands read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest information for Northern Mariana Islands.

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Best time to visit?

The best time to visit the Northern Mariana Islands is during the dry season from December to February when the precipitation is moderate. The coldest period of the year has pleasant temperatures that average between 73°F (22.8°C) to 81°F (27.2°C).

Festivals in Northern Mariana Islands

There are many different types of festivals throughout the Northern Mariana Islands. There are Chamorro and Carolinian cuisines, as well as international and local cuisines. The Saipan Sabalu Farmers Market is one of the places to shop for local produce. You can also enjoy a wide variety of foods at the Taste of Marianas International Food Festival held in April in Saipan. The event includes cooking contests and local and international fare.

The Northern Mariana Islands celebrate Christmas all month long. The Paseo de Marianas is lined with a giant Christmas tree. Schoolchildren compete in costume and float contests. Each Saturday leading up to Christmas, there are games and entertainment. And the mochitsuki festival honors the Japanese rice cake, or mochitsuki. The culture of the Northern Mariana Islands is rich in cultural diversity, and visitors are sure to enjoy themselves.

Several festivals are held on the islands. The Tinian festival, for example, takes place during the month of February. Musicians and other artists perform live on the main street, and the public is invited to sample the many traditional dishes on display. A hot pepper eating competition pits participants against a swarm of hot peppers. In addition, a cooking competition for Katdun Pika awards prizes for dishes made with the fish.

The Autumn Festival in Saipan celebrates the Japanese culture and tradition. This festival is celebrated in October, and it features music, food, dance, and entertainment. The celebration highlights the relationship between the Northern Mariana Islands and Japan. This is also an excellent opportunity to exchange cultural ideas with locals. The Autumn Festival is one of the most well-known festivals in the islands. It is one of the most popular events in Saipan and a great way to explore the island's rich culture.

The biggest festival on Saipan is the Autumn Festival. In October, the festival celebrates the relationship between Japan and the Northern Mariana Islands. During this festival, you can experience Japanese food and drink, and enjoy the cultural performances in Saipan. The Autumn Festival in Saipan is an excellent opportunity to experience the best of the islands. For a true cultural experience, visit the North Pacific in September. While there are many festivals and events in the region, the island's main city will host the largest number of local and international events.

The Northern Mariana Islands celebrate Christmas all month long, with the Christmas tree being unveiled on the Paseo de Marianas. Float and costume competitions are held throughout the islands, with the hot pepper eating competition being a highlight. Another popular festival is the Katdun Pika Cooking Competition, where locals can create delicious dishes from this local delicacy. These events are the highlight of the year in the Northern Philippine Nationals.

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Northern Mariana Islands Tourist Attractions

The U.S. commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a beautiful destination in the Pacific Ocean. Saipan, the largest island, is home to mountainous landscapes and sand beaches. The Maagaha islet lies off Saipan's west coast, and visitors can snorkel among the turtles that live in the Grotto. Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff are both World War II battle sites.

The Marianas Islands were also important in the Second World War, where the Allied forces defeated the Japanese forces in June and July 1944. The victory put the US within bombing range of Japan's archipelago, forcing Prime Minister Hideki Tojo to resign. A number of historical sites in the region are dedicated to the battle, including Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff. The islands have been administered by the US since the end of the war, and the US became a commonwealth in 1978.

The North Field Historic District was built in the 1890s by a parish priest. It is the only Spanish-era building in the Marianas. It is notable for its thatched pandanus roof, but during the German Period, the building was covered with corrugated iron sheets. The flooring is made of "ifet" wood. It has several extensions that date back to the early 1900s.

Do I need a Visa?

Visas for the Northern Mariana Islands are not required by nationals referred to in the chart above for stays of up to 90 days

See which forms you may need for entry into Northern Mariana Islands.

What currency do i need for Northern Mariana Islands?

The official currency of Northern Mariana Islands is the United States Dollar (USD). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Northern Mariana Islands you can grab amazing United States Dollar deals via (GBP to USD).

What wildlife live in Northern Mariana Islands?

Marianas Flying Fox Fruit Bats, Golden White Eye, Marianas Nightingale Reed Warbler and Mariana fruit dove

What is the traditional food of Northern Mariana Islands?

Chamorro food? The local dish eskabeche consists of fried fish and vegetables marinated in a vinegar sauce. Chicken dishes include kelaguen, a mixture of mincemeat, lemons, shredded coconut, onions, and peppers; chicken estufao, stewed chicken served with rice and salad; and morcizas, a garlicky stuffed, stewed chicken neck.

What Languages are spoken in Northern Mariana Islands?

English, Chamorro and Carolinian are the official languages. Japanese and Korean are widely spoken. You can learn some basic Chamorro before you travel to Northern Mariana Islands and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip in Northern Mariana Islands?

The currency in Northern Mariana Islands is the United States Dollar (97% of the people in the Northern Mariana Islands average tipping percentage in restaurants is between 10% to 18%.).

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