Where is Tonga?

  1. Approximate Population of Tonga: 104,494

Tonga Travel Guide is the perfect source of information and guidance to get you started on your Tonga holiday. A visit to Tonga can give anyone something to think about, while at the same time make them feel relaxed and refreshed. Tonga is a Polynesian island of more than 170 islands, all rich in local culture and untouched by modern civilization. The largest island, Tongatapu, shelters numerous lagoons and natural limestone cliffs with white sandy beaches. It is home to Tonga's rural capital Nuku'alofa and beautiful beach resorts, including the Ha'entya Maui and Kilauea beach resort.

A visit to Tonga can be one of the best ways to experience Polynesian culture, since its people are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. An exciting activity that you will certainly enjoy while visiting Tonga is snorkeling in the vast, shallow waters around Tonga. The white-water rafting along the Grand Cayman and other islands of the Tongan archipelago is another excellent way to see nature and appreciate Tongan life. One of the best things to do when in Tonga is to visit its national park. You can go hiking, camping, Jeep safari, or go underwater with an eco-tour in the sea with a professional diving group.

For travelers interested in wildlife and the exotic, there is the chance to see rare species of animals in Tonga. The largest national park in Tonga is the Hauraki Gulf National Park, which offers opportunities to see the world-famous tailed macaque and giant New Zealand otter. Other options include the Ka Tonga and Baringo caves, which are home to an indigenous bird community. Other creatures of interest include tuatara, platypus, and elephant seals. If you are not sure whether you want to see these animals up close, you might prefer to visit the South Pacific Science Museum instead.

Another opportunity to see the exotic in Tonga is the Vava Ulu national park. It is located on the east coast, just north of Tahiti. Vava Ulu features a wide variety of unique plants, and is the largest reserve of its kind in the entire Pacific. This vava ulu is the perfect location for a nature trip, with many types of animals to view including sea lions, stingrays, pigs, and turtles.

When it comes to culture, Tongans are known for their hospitality, and they are generous in welcoming visitors to their islands. You can enjoy delicious ha amonga from Tonga's friendly locals. In addition to this, it is possible to learn the ha amonga songs of Tongans. This cultural aspect of Tongans is one of the most appealing aspects of taking a trip to the tropical islands in the Pacific.

Another popular attraction in the archipelago is the national museum of Tonga, which is a highlight of the island. The Tongan Royal Palace is another significant site on the island. Built in honor of the late king Kamehameha I, the palace is dedicated to the regal spirit of Tongans. The royal palace features impressive architecture, and is home to some of the finest examples of ha amonga work in Polynesia.

When it comes to sightseeing, you should never miss the Tonga town of a ovala. The ta ovala is known for its colonial buildings and churches that mark the royal history of Tonga. The local people are warm and welcoming, and you can witness their traditional lifestyle by exploring their fishing villages. If you want to experience a different taste of food, then you should try out the unique Tongan cuisine, which is based mostly on fruits and vegetables.

Some of the other sightseeing resort islands to see in the Pacific are Maui and the F Fiji Island. These two islands are also notable for their scenic beauty, and it is no wonder why tourists from all over the world come here to explore the lush tropical scenery. Maui features the Waimea Canyon, where visitors can view thousands of exquisite flowers. On the other hand, the f Fiji Island offers serenity along with some stunning waterfalls and other natural attractions. Regardless of your preference or choices when it comes to sightseeing, there will always be a perfect destination for you among the many Tonga travel guides.

Hotels in Nukualofa

Nukualofa is the capital of Tonga

Nukualofa has an approximate population of around 23,221 people and you can typically expect to pay around £0.90p for an equivalent pint of lager or beer.

Nuku'alofa in Tonga is a wonderful little fishing village that is hidden amongst the green tropical foliage of the Big Bamboo Island just off the coast of Maho reef. In fact, it is only a few hundred meters from where the famous lionfish player, Winston Pell, supposedly shot his first fish in the water here back in 1970. There are many places throughout the region where you can enjoy fantastic diving, snorkeling and more. But I love this place so much, I decided to write an article about it for those people who don't have a clue what all the fuss is about.

It was one of the original Polynesian holiday spots, but only became famous around the world in the 1990's when surfers and beach lovers started booking accommodation there on their vacations. Most of the big resorts opened their doors to local Tongans and even International guests who wanted to experience the local culture. It soon became a favorite among tourists, who were treated to the warm hospitality and quality seafood restaurants. However, it is still a very small village with a very small town feel. That is a shame, considering the excellent food and service it offers.

Many years ago, before Tonga was unified, the government put up a tourism development agency. This agency encouraged restaurants and other businesses to come into Nuku'alofa and make it their home, offering locals food and service at extremely competitive prices. Since then, more people have come to experience the unique Tongan culture and all that it has to offer. If you are thinking of visiting Tonga anytime soon, you should definitely try Nuku'alofa in Tonga.

What vaccinations do I need before travelling to Tonga

Up to date information for vaccinations before you travel to Tonga are available from the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Is it safe to travel to Tonga?

For up to date information around safety and security in Tonga read the Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest information for Tonga.

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Best time to visit?

Best Time to Visit: May to October. Best Time for Good Weather: Generally speaking, May to October. Best Time for Sightseeing: May to October (but note variations mentioned above). Best Time for Honeymoons: May to October. Best Time for Diving & Snorkeling: June to October.

Festivals in Tonga

There are many festivals in Tonga, and some are more popular than others. Most of the people live in a very humid climate, and the country is nearly always hot and humid. Luckily, there is a dry season between May and October in which the temperature is more pleasant, so the dry season is the best time to visit. In addition to being a popular time to visit, the dry season is also the best time to take part in festival festivities.

Tonga is home to many cultural festivals. The largest takes place during July and is held a few days after the King's birthday. The festival is named for the national flower, the Heilala, and begins with the King's Birthday. It features musical performances, brass band performances, and singing competitions. It also features a Miss Heilala beauty pageant. While this festival is not a traditional holiday, it's a great way to experience Tonga's culture.

Another popular festival is the Heilala Festival, which is named after the country's national flower, the Heilala. The Heilala plant is notoriously hard to grow, so the festival is a unique opportunity to learn about the country's culture and history. This event is celebrated annually during the dry season in Tonga and is a highlight for locals and tourists alike. Tonga's annual holiday season also includes several Christian holidays.

One of the most popular festivals in Tonga is the Tongan Independence Day, celebrated on November 4. The day was first enacted by King Tupou I in 1875. The country's main towns celebrate with great vigor, while the emigrant population celebrate with more fervor. You may be able to catch the parade in the capital city, Nuku'alofa, and in other parts of the Pacific.

In addition to traditional Christian celebrations, Tongans celebrate their national flower in an annual festival. The Heilala plant is a difficult species to propagate, so the festival is held every year on the same date. Traditionally, the king's birthday is celebrated on this day, and the nation's flowers are celebrated at this time of year as the flower's symbol. For this reason, the celebration is an important part of the Tonga community.

The biggest festival in Tonga is the Heilala festival, which lasts for a week in July or August. The main purpose of the festival is to celebrate the national flower, the Heilala, and to celebrate the King's birthday. The event begins with a King's Birthday and concludes with a Tongan cultural feast on the beach. In addition to the Heilala Festival, there are other festivals in Tonga.

The annual Heilala festival is one of the most important festivals in Tonga. The festival commemorates the flowering of the national flower, the heilala, and also coincides with the birthday of King George Tupou IV. The heilala blossom opens its petals in a cross-like shape and Tongans wear the necklaces of this flower in their hair, and the heilala is used as a necklace.

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Tonga Tourist Attractions

Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom of more than one hundred and sixty islands, which are known for their tropical rainforest, coral reefs, and white sandy beaches. Tongatapu island has a rural capital called Nuku'alofa and is home to limestone cliffs and lagoons. The Ha'amonga a Maui, a massive coral gate built in the 1200s, is another interesting historical site in Tonga.

The Free Church of Tonga is the country's local church, and it is both a significant historical site and an architectural marvel. Established by George Tupou in 1885, the Free Church is a major sightseeing attraction in Tonga and overlooks the Royal Tombs. You can visit both churches at once. For a more traditional experience, you can visit the Royal Tombs as well.

Ancient Capitals: During the Tongan Maritime Empire, Lapahi was the nation's first capital. This complex contains 28 royal burial mounds that are the largest and most intact examples of the culture. While the structures are long gone, they remain a living part of Tongan culture. You can visit the ancient capital at Lapaha, and learn more about its history and culture. The ruins are also an important source of tourism for Tonga.

Port au Prince: The Port au Prince massacre took place on 26 November 1806. The British had taken a French ship and turned it into a privateer. William Mariner, a British explorer, arrived in the island, and lived with the Tongans for four years. His account of his time in Tonga is still available online. It's worth reading his account and learning more about Tongan history.

Do I need a Visa?

British passport holders visiting Tonga as a tourist or on business are normally given permission to enter the country for up to 30 days. You should be able to provide an onward air or sea ticket, adequate funds and relevant health certificates.

See which forms you may need for entry into Tonga.

What currency do i need for Tonga?

The official currency of Tonga is the Tongan Paʻanga (TOP). If you're looking to transfer or spend money in Tonga you can grab amazing Tongan Paʻanga deals via (GBP to TOP).

What wildlife live in Tonga?

Many of the animals seen on Tonga are not endemic to the island. Some of the life here can be found in Melanesia to the west of the Tonga islands, but there are many species unique to this area. Like other islands, there are no indigenous mammals or amphibians. However there are birds, reptiles, insects, and marine life found here. Some of it is unique to Tonga. There are two birds native to the islands that are found no where else in the world. One is called the Polynesian Megapode. With no predators, this bird flourished before the arrival of man. Laying its eggs on the ground, they were easily taken by people when they first arrived. At one time there were five species from this genus, this is the last species left and is now protected by the government. The Tongan Whistler is the other bird that is only found in Tonga. They live in the forests found on the larger islands, but are also under pressure of extinction with their natural habitat being destroyed.

What is the traditional food of Tonga?

Tongan food? Ota ika is a Polynesian dish consisting of raw fish marinated in citrus juice and coconut milk. The Tongan, Tahitian, and Samoan variants are essentially identical in that the raw fish is briefly marinated in lemon or lime juice until the surface of the flesh becomes opaque.

What Languages are spoken in Tonga?

The official language is Tongan, but English is taught in the schools and is widely spoken in the main towns. Tongan is similar to Samoan. You can learn some basic Tongan before you travel to Tonga and really impress the locals!

How much do you tip in Tonga?

The currency in Tonga is the Tongan Paʻanga (Tongans in general are very friendly and polite. Therefore, about 5-10% of the tour price is a good tipping amount.).

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